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Copy data from one tabe to another

Author: rootsql on 1-11-2011, 22:08


Copy data from one tabe to another

Get updated value from UPDATE statement without querying the table again

Author: rootsql on 1-11-2011, 22:04


Shows how to get the value from updated row in one query (without additional SELECT query).

Dynamic pivot tables (transform rows to columns)

Author: rootsql on 1-11-2011, 21:50


Dynamic pivot tables (transform rows to columns)

MySQL cheat sheet

Author: Dicentis on 1-11-2011, 18:15

MySQL cheat sheet notepadWhen developing an internet site, you may often see developers making recurring mistakes when designing databases.

Today I decided to publish own FAQ answers for working with MySQL.




Working with MySQL backups

Creating a backup:

mysqldump -u USER -pPASSWORD DATABASE > /path/to/file/dump.sql

Creating a database structure without data:
mysqldump --no-data - u USER -pPASSWORD DATABASE > /path/to/file/schema.sql

MySQL pivot tables (transform rows to columns)

Author: rootsql on 31-10-2011, 23:14


Pivot tables (transform rows to columns)

GUI tool Debugger for MySQL

Author: Dicentis on 6-04-2011, 19:24

The MySQL database is the world's most popular open source database which is widely used by community and enterprise. The release of MySQL v5.0 was marked by the introduction of stored routines support; it was a milestone for the popular RDBMS because this made it possible to use MySQL databases in small applications, web projects and in complex business solutions. In spite of being so powerful and flexible, MySQL do not provide any facilities for debugging stored routines. The absence of debug engine makes it difficult to write stable and bug free code.

EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL

Author: Dicentis on 31-03-2011, 10:50

EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL is a powerful solution for MySQL database administration and development. Management Studio is a single workbench that includes must-have tools for database development, managing database objects, exporting and importing data, schema and data migration from popular databases, comparing and synchronizing databases, backuping and restoring tables, data editing and query building. Many of administration tasks can be automated with a Scheduling & Performing Tasks abilities. Useful database designer allows to create, edit or drop database objects and visually set links between them.


Author: Dicentis on 28-03-2011, 13:08

SQLyog is a universal GUI tool for the popular relational database MySQL. SQLYog combines features of advanced SQL editor with formatting and code completion, schema designer, query builder and query profiler, data import and data export tools, security management and other. Database and Schema Synchronization tools allow to keep databases in sync.


This program can be used by beginners, and at the same time it is a thing for advanced MySQL users - developers and administrators.

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