How to set AUTO_INCREMENT step

How to set AUTO_INCREMENT step

The AUTO_INCREMENT attribute is used to generate a unique value for an identity column.

Let us check how it works:

As you can see id values were generated from 1 to 4 with step 1. To control AUTO_INCREMENT operation we can use server variables – auto_increment_increment и auto_increment_offset.

  • auto_increment_increment – is the incremental value, controls the interval between successive column values.
  • auto_increment_offset – determines the starting value for the AUTO_INCREMENT field; this value is used for the first record inserted into the table.

These variables have session and global scope.

Let us try to use these variables –

The first records has id = 5, next id is 15 and so on.


Additional information about used server variables:  Replication Master Options and Variables.

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