Neor Profile SQL.


Neor Profile SQL is a MySQL profiling tool for tracking the SQL queries.

Neor Profile SQL – it is a small GUI application, that quite simply provides the ability to track and analyze requests which the client application sends to the server MySQL. This program can be irreplaceable when it is impossible to see the queries sent to the server; for example, Web developers often do not have access to the MySQL server settings and to the query logs; Neor Profile can easily cope with such disadvantage, and it will be possible to see the queries, their number, query execution time, as well as to determine a number of entries received from the MySQL server.


Neor Profile SQL.


The program works as a proxy between client applications and the MySQL server. After the Neor Profile installation, in the configurations it is required to specify the host name and port on which the MySQL server is running; also, it is required to reconfigure the client application to allow it working with the Neor Profile, i.e. specify port 4040 and host where Neor Profile is running. The default port 4040 can be changed in configuration.


Neor Profile SQL.


Everything is ready for work. Run the Neor Profile, run your client application, and view queries executed against the database.



  • The total statistics of strings being received and sent by the database
  • Counting all the queries
  • Displaying the time spent per query
  • The slow queries detection
  • Displaying the detailed code of all the SQL queries
  • Showing the desired session in separated tab
  • Saving the sessions for further comparison of the results
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Works with MySQL 5 and higher, supports MariaDB 5 and higher.
  • Multilingual interface, supports some languages.


The Neor Profiler product page.

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