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From One-to-Many to Many-to-Many

Author: Darek on 18-03-2013, 21:12

In this article we will talk about ONE-TO-MANY and MANY-TO-MANY relationships between tables.

Debugging procedures and functions using myDebugger for MySQL

Author: Darek on 5-04-2012, 21:26


This article describes how to debug procedures and functions with a help of Debugger for MySQL.


MySQL views, creation and usage

Author: rootsql on 18-12-2011, 21:57

A view – is a database object based on a SELECT query that has tables or other views specified inside it. In other words, this is a named query that is stored in a database as a separate object. Unlike a table, a view is not a data storage.

When referring to a view, we just receive data that is returned by the internal SELECT query. 

What is the DELIMITER in MySQL and what itís used for.

Author: rootsql on 27-11-2011, 21:27

Delimiter mysql Key semicolon

The DELIMITER command is used to change the standard delimiter of MySQL commands. The standard command delimiter is the ';' character that defines the end of the query.

MySQL cheat sheet

Author: Dicentis on 1-11-2011, 18:15

MySQL cheat sheet notepadWhen developing an internet site, you may often see developers making recurring mistakes when designing databases.

Today I decided to publish own FAQ answers for working with MySQL.




Working with MySQL backups

Creating a backup:

mysqldump -u USER -pPASSWORD DATABASE > /path/to/file/dump.sql

Creating a database structure without data:
mysqldump --no-data - u USER -pPASSWORD DATABASE > /path/to/file/schema.sql