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Author: Dicentis Date: 28-03-2011, 13:08

SQLyog is a universal GUI tool for the popular relational database MySQL. SQLYog combines features of advanced SQL editor with formatting and code completion, schema designer, query builder and query profiler, data import and data export tools, security management and other. Database and Schema Synchronization tools allow to keep databases in sync.


This program can be used by beginners, and at the same time it is a thing for advanced MySQL users - developers and administrators.

SQLyog was released for public in 2001 as a free software with closed source code. It was a free software until version 3.0 when it became a commercial software.

User Interface:

SQLyog has a simple and intuitive user interface for database managing.



User interface



Query profiler


Supported MySQL 4.1.x and higher.


SQLyog works on the Windows platform starting from Windows XP to Windows7 (earlier versions are no longer supported), but for all that it runs on all Windows versions. Application also runson Linux using the Wine.


  • HTTP tunneling - establishing HTTP connections while direct connections to MySQL server is not allowed
  • SSH tunneling and SSL encryption - secure database connections
  • MySQL 5.x objects support - view objects in Object Browser, create and edit in text editors
  • Database Backup - dump database or scheduled backup with email notification
  • Schema and Data synchronization - comparing and synchronizing databases, data synchronization can be scheduled
  • Copy database - copy selected database to another database, which can be located on another host
  • Data Export - export table data as CSV, SQL, Excel, HTML, XML
  • Data Import - load data from CSV, Access, Excel and any ODBC source
  • Query Builder - create and edit queries in visual editor
  • Query Profiler - analyzing query performance with reporting
  • SQL highlighting - syntax highlighting in SQL Window
  • SQL templates - provides different SQL statements
  • SQL autocomplete - help to type any type of database object names and MySQL keywords
  • SQL formatting - format displayed SQL queries
  • User Manager - provides a tool for adding, editing, deleting users and managing privileges
  • Table data - let you edit, filter and sort data from the grid
  • BLOB editor - insert and update BLOB values, view content as text or image
  • Scheduled Jobs - manage jobs through GUI interface (e.g.: database synchronization, database backups, email notifications) 

Tags: MySQL tools, WebYog

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SQLyog- MySQL GUI from is a very popular MySQL GUI and Admin tool for MySQL developers. It's intuitiveness and features clearly makes a winner.
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